World Class

World Class

Covid 19

ICMR and AP approved diagnostic centre for RT-PCR testing​
COVID-19 antibodies testing
Nasopharyngeal swab and oro-pharyngeal swab​
IL 6, Ferritin, D-Dimer, PCT, CRP, LDH​

All Diagnostics Services Under One Roof

Comprehensive Wellness Checkup

Comprehensive Wellness Checkup

Complete Blood Tests + Vitamin Check + Cancer Markers + Complete Imaging Tests

₹3000 - ₹15000

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New Initiatives For A Healthier World


Call - 0891 2787878 (EXTN) 10 / 9052290532

Comprehensive Wellness Checkup

Comprehensive Wellness Checkup

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Comprehensive Cardiac Checkup

Comprehensive Cardiac Package

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Comprehensive Diabetic

Comprehensive Diabetic Package

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Comprehensive Thyroid Checkup

Comprehensive Thyroid Package

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Infertility Package

Infertility Package Female

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Infertility Package

Infertility Package Male

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Infertility Package

Antenatal Package

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Advanced Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening – Male

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Advanced Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening – Female

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Comprehensive Well Woman

Well Woman Package

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Comprehensive Corporate

Corporate Health Package

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Comprehensive Pre-employment

Pre-employment Package

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School Package

School Package

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Revolutionizing pathology


For all Specialized Tests Call : 0891 2787878 (extn) 40 / 9052290532

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Home Sample Collection

Home Sample


Our Home sample phlebotomist’s start collecting samples as early as 6.00 AM.

From your home

Our technician will come to your doorstep to collect your samples.

From the hospital

Hassle-free sample collection from your hospital bed if you are admitted.

At your doctor’s chamber

Easy sample collection from the doctor’s chamber during consultation.

Drive-in sample collection

Drive-in to VMC Health city for quick and comfortable blood sample collection in your vehicle itself.


Expertise and Practices that set us apart.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Login or Sign up by clicking on the ‘Login’ option or User icon on the main menu.

2. After Login, select one or multiple tests as below:
a) Click on Tests > Pathology > Select a test > Click on the BOOK NOW button.
b) Click on Home Sample > Select Test > Click on the BOOK NOW button.
c) For Packages – Click on Packages > Click on Comprehensive Packages > Select a Package >
Click on the BOOK NOW button.
d) For Profiles – Click on Packages > Click on Profiles > Select a Profile > Click on the BOOK NOW

3. After adding the tests to the cart, proceed to checkout, select “Booking Type” (if available)
and fill in all the required details.

4. Accept the T&C and click on the “Confirm Booking” button to proceed with payment.

5. A popup with payment options will be shown, where you can select the desired payment

6. If the transaction is successful, you will be receiving a Receipt ID to mail and SMS shortly
(within minutes).

  1. Login with your credentials.
  2. Go to the reports page by selecting the “Reports” option on the main menu (or) by clicking
    on the “Reports” button on the “My Account” page.
  3. You can view the recent booking details on the reports page.
  4. Check to see if the report status is “Report Pending” (or) “Get Report”.
  5. If the report status is “Get Report”, click on that button. It opens a popup showing the
    “Download Report” option. Click on that button, and it’ll open the report in the new tab.
  6. Then download the report.

No. The amount paid and the transaction made will not be refunded.

Yes, you can choose the “Home Sample” option in the main menu and book the test (or) choose
“Home Sample Booking” in booking type at checkout page, to take a diagnostic test at home.
However, not all the tests can be done at home, and for those tests, you can choose only “Lab Visits”
in booking type and visit the branch selected on the checkout page during booking.

We have two booking types on the website, i.e., Lab Visits and Home Same Booking. You can see this
option on the checkout page for the pathology tests, where the sample can be given either at Home
or the selected Lab.
You can select “Home Sample Booking” or “Lab Visits” in a single booking. You cannot book both in
one order.

It includes all the Pathology tests you can book on the website. Here, you can book some tests under
“Home Sample Booking” or “Lab Visits” booking type.
You can avail of only the “Lab Visits” booking service for some tests (the booking type option
wouldn’t be available on the checkout page for such tests)
Home Sample: Home sample tests are nothing but the Pathology tests with a “Home Sample
Booking” facility. All these tests will have an option to choose the desired booking type.

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